most days

frankly I should have posted this one first. but I didn’t, so I will take the total blame on this one. it was all my fault. and it was because I never thought it would lead to all this. but I never got to finish my story. and I understand now why you didn’t let […]

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some days

I stand under the flow of the water in the shower just to drown everything out, everything except the sound of my own music. that’s what I try to do anyway. and a certain song played today and suddenly everything was crashing down on top of me and I was in tears and I had […]

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2017, your time is up. but I just want to say thank you for it all 2017. thank you for everything you’ve done. but I want to take a trip down memory lane and recap all that I saw and all that I did first. it’s easier to just show you then write it all […]

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shades of sin

I like it when people talk. gives me something to listen to besides the drag of my own voice. I like it when people tell me everything and anything. their passions and beliefs and dreams. their problems and worries and doubts. but that all comes with a price. if you’re like me you start to let […]

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6:18 a.m.

it’s 6:18 a.m. and I’m missing you already. I don’t necessarily acknowledge it but it’s always there. I always feel that void from you. I’m just getting out of bed after 19 minutes of snoozing the alarm. but there’s an empty feeling there. because I know I don’t get that daily heart eye every morning from you anymore. but […]

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a late night ode of the wrongs

all the words I said to you and I wrote to you ended up meaning nothing didn’t it. nothing changed and maybe it never will because my war is over cause you ended it for me. you didn’t fight back. you didn’t sign my treaty. I’m pretty sure you just surrendered and walked out and that’s […]

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