shades of sin

I like it when people talk. gives me something to listen to besides the drag of my own voice. I like it when people tell me everything and anything. their passions and beliefs and dreams. their problems and worries and doubts. but that all comes with a price. if you’re like me you start to let […]

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6:18 a.m.

it’s 6:18 a.m. and I’m missing you already. I don’t necessarily acknowledge it but it’s always there. I always feel that void from you. I’m just getting out of bed after 19 minutes of snoozing the alarm. but there’s an empty feeling there. because I know I don’t get that daily heart eye every morning from you anymore. but […]

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a late night ode of the wrongs

all the words I said to you and I wrote to you ended up meaning nothing didn’t it. nothing changed and maybe it never will because my war is over cause you ended it for me. you didn’t fight back. you didn’t sign my treaty. I’m pretty sure you just surrendered and walked out and that’s […]

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war over you

I kind of considered never posting this. only because just the thought of the thought scares me still. I told you once that I would try and write it for you, try to make you feel what I do. well here it is kiddo. this one is yours ( yeah you know who ) to […]

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playing cards

I like games. all forms really. but playing cards is my favorite. I don’t know if i’m just super nerdy or just have no time on my hands, but I know a lot about a deck of cards. these cards align to everyone’s birthday telling you all that spiritual phony stuff about your destiny and fate. (i’m […]

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if only you could read this

To you, I figured it was only right. I miss you. but that’s not even close to enough of what it feels like. it doesn’t hurt, it just aches. but I feel you. I feel you nearly everywhere. it’s funny how I still think you are just miles away but then I get hit with the […]

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