war over you

I kind of considered never posting this. only because just the thought of the thought scares me still. I told you once that I would try and write it for you, try to make you feel what I do. well here it is kiddo. this one is yours ( yeah you know who ) to […]

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playing cards

I like games. all forms really. but playing cards is my favorite. I don’t know if i’m just super nerdy or just have no time on my hands, but I know a lot about a deck of cards. these cards align to everyone’s birthday telling you all that spiritual phony stuff about your destiny and fate. (i’m […]

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if only you could read this

To you, I figured it was only right. I miss you. but that’s not even close to enough of what it feels like. it doesn’t hurt, it just aches. but I feel you. I feel you nearly everywhere. it’s funny how I still think you are just miles away but then I get hit with the […]

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the story on the shelf

( I wrote this exactly a year ago and I figured I might as well share it now ) I’m going to start by saying, I trusted you with my whole heart and soul. I cared I truly did. although you never really believed me. I didn’t mind. but I was naïve. I just kept believing you were […]

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tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine. tell me it all because I want to see into your mind. I will use them against you and will ruin your life. one lie at a time. I’ll start this one fight that will lead to a war. do you really think it bothers me […]

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I had someone once ask me what my biggest fear was and at first I didn’t know how to answer that question. how to answer a question so wide ranged and so serious. but he wanted to know the frivolous things about me ( I don’t consider this such a trivial thing but that’s beside […]

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