the story on the shelf

( I wrote this exactly a year ago and I figured I might as well share it now ) I’m going to start by saying, I trusted you with my whole heart and soul. I cared I truly did. although you never really believed me. I didn’t mind. but I was naïve. I just kept believing you were […]

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tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine. tell me it all because I want to see into your mind. I will use them against you and will ruin your life. one lie at a time. I’ll start this one fight that will lead to a war. do you really think it bothers me […]

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I had someone once ask me what my biggest fear was and at first I didn’t know how to answer that question. how to answer a question so wide ranged and so serious. but he wanted to know the frivolous things about me ( I don’t consider this such a trivial thing but that’s beside […]

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the ink

it was an impulse decision. I had no clue my mother would actually say yes. everyone may think its cheesy or nerdy or just plain stupid. well maybe it is but that’s not the point. let me tell my thing about Harry Potter. I first read all the way through when I was like 14. […]

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to the boy that slipped away

you’ll never read this but its okay. you slipped away and I’m glad. you slipped, but I took the fall. I knew guys liked to play with your heart but I didn’t know that all of them did. I didn’t know they would string you along for nine months, but I know that now. nine months is […]

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mirrors are designed for you to see the bad. at least I’m convinced they are. you don’t go to look in the mirror to see how good you look (well you intend to). instead you go to the mirror and fix your appearance to make yourself look good. so you are picking at the bad. […]

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fruit punch

I’ve told too many people too many things about me. things I swore to tell the important people. but I spilled too many secrets and revealed too many mysteries. I’ve given myself away emotionally too many times. and it’s starting to ruin things for me. I have a thing for fruit punch. I’m picky about it. […]

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