mirrors are designed for you to see the bad. at least I’m convinced they are. you don’t go to look in the mirror to see how good you look (well you intend to). instead you go to the mirror and fix your appearance to make yourself look good. so you are picking at the bad. […]

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fruit punch

I’ve told too many people too many things about me. things I swore to tell the important people. but I spilled too many secrets and revealed too many mysteries. I’ve given myself away emotionally too many times. and it’s starting to ruin things for me. I have a thing for fruit punch. I’m picky about it. […]

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the thing about sleep

the thing about sleep is never knowing if it’s going to be good or bad. it’s not possible to be able to lay down in bed and know for a fact it is going to be a great night sleep. because once eyes begin to close, the inner mind takes over. the part that is frightening and never […]

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