the ink

it was an impulse decision. I had no clue my mother would actually say yes.

everyone may think its cheesy or nerdy or just plain stupid. well maybe it is but that’s not the point.

let me tell my thing about Harry Potter. I first read all the way through when I was like 14. like three years ago. and I only read it to prove to my mom that I would eventually read through it. she had been telling me for years, “Rachel you need to read Harry Potter.” and I always had the same response, “Harry Potter is stupid.” you ask me about Harry Potter now I can tell you almost anything you want to know about it.

I started the first book four times before actually finishing it. I found the plot boring and dull and I didn’t understand why a cat would be reading a map. but I decided to man up and finish the Sorcerer’s Stone. at this point I had never even seen the movies all the way through so I was going in completely blind. I just knew Harry was some wizard and the guy without a nose was bad. but I got through it.

and honestly, it wasn’t my favorite book.

but it was a short book and I got through it fairly quickly. so I dug up the Chamber of Secrets and when I saw it was only a tad bit longer, I just dove right in. and I really didn’t like this one (even still to this day this is my least favorite one). but I was determined to show up my mom now. so I found the Prisoner of Azkaban and still the book wasn’t very long so I finished it quickly.

this book started to change my mind about this whole Harry Potter dude. (even though Draco is my favorite)

Goblet of Fire threw me through a whirl though being almost 300 pages longer, just looking at the book scared me. I thought jeez louise this is just gonna drag on. well little did I know I finished that one faster than any of the first three.

I went on to finish Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and the Deathly Hallows in even shorter time because I was so engrossed it literally took over my life. I vividly remember sobbing on my floor during Half-Blood Prince and the whole second half of Deathly Hallows.

I’ve read the full series three times through, the Half-Blood Prince five times, and the Deathly Hallows four times. you don’t want to even ask how many times I’ve watched the movies. I even bought a Draco Malfoy wand in Florida after a long harrowing decision between him and Snape.

but its not about Harry Potter. its about my love for books and books that have shaped people into who they are. over 400 million copies of these books have been sold. that’s a lot of Harry. reading is something that makes me happy and makes me believe in the better sides of things. the simple triangle with a circle and line through it serves as a small part of the big world of books (even though my grandma thought it was a cult symbol at first).

it reminds me of the weekends I have spent laying on the couch with my mom eating ice cream and cheeseballs watching Harry Potter and complaining about how Dobby died. or the trip to Florida with the band and me babbling all my Harry Potter fun facts to people who weren’t listening. reminds me of the first time I read the books and the magical feeling it gives you.

and now my magic will never die.

and besides my mom said I couldn’t get the Dark Mark tattooed on me.


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