tell me your secrets and I’ll tell you mine.

tell me it all because I want to see into your mind.

I will use them against you and will ruin your life. one lie at a time.

I’ll start this one fight that will lead to a war. do you really think it bothers me you started calling me a whore?

it wont be the last time I do it to you. just know that when you turn your back onto me.

because isn’t that what you did to me?

I’ll make it painful and awful and true. trust me, I could ruin you.

but I wouldn’t do it, I’m better than that.

just tell me your secrets and I’ll tell them back.

then you would have just as much ammo as me, but will you choose to use it?

well that’s not up to me.

but just watch yourself because everyone will say, “tell me your secrets. I won’t tell a soul.”

and they lie and they lie and tell the whole school.

no one is innocent and no one is kind. because everyone has told secrets in their time.

so listen up now. just hear me out.

stop telling secrets. stop it right now.

they’ll ruin your friendships and ruin your days.

and most of all, they’ll ruin you no matter what you say.

the secrets, the rumors, the lies are all so pointless and give no purpose to life.

stop spreading and telling and learn to be nice.


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