mirrors are designed for you to see the bad. at least I’m convinced they are.

you don’t go to look in the mirror to see how good you look (well you intend to). instead you go to the mirror and fix your appearance to make yourself look good. so you are picking at the bad. that’s all that mirrors are good for.

you should never stand in a mirror too long. it can cause some sinister thoughts to rise up. you pick at yourself. your eyes linger a little too long in some spots, silently bashing yourself. your head does this on its own and it affects you even if you don’t know it.

linger too long and you might begin to see those dark circles underneath your eyes.

linger a little longer and you might see the darkness rooted deep in your eyes.

linger just a tad longer than that and you might begin to hate yourself.

the greatest thing is you can walk away from those mirrors and leave them in the bathroom or in the hallway. you can escape those horrors you are imagining about yourself. well until you come back to make sure your hair is still decent looking or to make sure your makeup is still in place.

and maybe you don’t see these bad things in yourself. maybe you do.

but if I were you, I’d shatter that mirror and start living blind. because ignorance is bliss.


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