the thing about sleep

the thing about sleep is never knowing if it’s going to be good or bad. it’s not possible to be able to lay down in bed and know for a fact it is going to be a great night sleep. because once eyes begin to close, the inner mind takes over. the part that is frightening and never spoken about. it unleashes the worst part of everyone and picks everyone apart until they feel nothing but sorrow and pain.

I’ve had some pretty awful dreams. my head has shown me some of the most fucked up things. things that haunt me still. I don’t sleep much, not as much as I once did. part of me claims it’s the fact I’ve trained myself to be like this, but it’s really because I’m terrified of what my brain might decide to let loose on me next.

sleep has twisted some of my best memories into things I don’t dare to even think of anymore.

and I know I’m not the only one that has been scared of their inner self. I know deep down that everyone fears the beast that lives in us.

its funny how much people can deny things and how much they lie. but when they close their eyes to sleep, all of those lies and denies will swarm them and eat them up when they are trapped in their comatose states of sleep. it will pick at them all until they stop lying to themselves.

but even then, that beast still lurks waiting for them to falter.

the thing about sleep is that it’s not actually as desirable as you think. because it reality, that’s when everyone’s mind is devouring them from the inside out.


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